By making use of the free StarttiPlus you will boost your sales and marketing

Fix your customer acquisition and make your start-up money productive

StarttiPlus yrittäjälle

Cimson has supported thousands of new entrepreneurs from various fields in Finland. Let us help you with marketing and sales. We are experts in budgeting and cost calculating. We help you with marketing plan, sales promotions, price setting and budgeting. We help you to succeed. Contact us and take a step to better business.

What do you get when you choose Cimson?

  • A personal consultation meeting
  • Three additional meetings according to need
  • Professional support and experience from the questions in small businesses – our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs and business experts
  • A working development plan that will promote your sales and marketing
  • In addition to marketing, sales, and customer acquisition, we also offer help in such special matters as cost control, budgeting, human resources, and salaries
  • A reliable service: we have provided services for the ELY Centres (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and the TE services (Public employment and business services) for almost 30 years
  • The service will cost you nothing

StarttiPlus is a service provided by the TE Office of Uusimaa for those who have earned a start-up grant

StarttiPlus is a free expert service provided by the Uusimaa TE Office for those who have earned a start-up grant.

The service will help you boost your sales and will support your marketing, and you will also get a written plan to develop your business idea. Furthermore, you can get up to four additional meetings to deepen your skills in sales and marketing, according to need.

The service is provided by partners of the TE Office, and you can choose the one that suits you best. For more information on how to apply: starttiraha.uusimaa(a)

Service provided by the TE Office of Uusimaa

For further information please contact our team

Tel: 050 526 3000

Email: harri.kari(a)


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